Bamboo Garden Nursery Landscaping Guide

Bamboo Garden Requires Careful Maintenance

Bamboo garden in your yard can be a complex concept to maintain. Before you buy bamboo, find out how your bamboo garden can be maintained and your reasons for keeping a bamboo garden. Once you realize the amount of work required to maintain the appearance of your bamboo plants, then you can look at purchasing a number of bamboo from the bamboo nursery.

Always seek advice from the nursery staff, about the best ways to maintain bamboo plants in your garden. By maintaining your bamboo plants, you can ensure the bamboo will grow according to your vision and not overtake your backyard with huge bamboo everywhere.

Lucky Bamboo Plants In A Bamboo Garden

When I first decided to make a bamboo garden, I thought it would be easy. You see, I have had lucky bamboo plants for years. I knew how easily bamboo grew. I figured that bamboo gardening would be a snap. You just let it grow and grow, and that is it. I was pretty ambitious. I even thought that I could use the plants that I grew in my garden to make bamboo floors for my house. I did not realize what I was up against.

You see, I was right and I was wrong. In some ways, bamboo gardens are very easy. Growing plants for a bamboo garden is quite simple. Bamboo grows like wildfire. You can not stop it from growing! That, however, is the problem. A proper bamboo garden is not the same as a stand of wild bamboo.

Bamboo Grows Quickly

To get a bamboo garden to look like something is actually a pretty difficult trick. You see the bamboo nurseries with their carefully crafted stands of bamboo, and you think it is easy. It is not! It requires a lot of work. Not only does bamboo grow quickly, but it is extremely tough.

Caring And Maintaining Your Bamboo Garden

The secret to bamboo gardening is to work at it every day or two. A bamboo garden is something that becomes exponentially more difficult the less frequently you tend to it. If you can pull out unwanted bamboo saplings when they are young, carefully shape the bamboo stems that you have as they grow, and be involved with every stage of planning your garden, it will not really take that much time.

I would say that a moderately sized bamboo garden can take as little as 10 to 20 minutes a day on average. You have to stick with it, however, or else it can become overwhelming very quickly. The bamboo garden will become nothing but an overgrown stand the bamboo. It happened to me, and it can happen to you. The bamboo will starve out everything else in the garden!

Design Of Your Bamboo Garden

One of the most important things to consider when you are planning bamboo gardens is what other plants to use and where to place them. The bamboo garden, after all, is not primarily about the bamboo. The bamboo is just a backdrop. It is about the few, sparse, other flowers you place around the garden. Each of these flowers must be a work of art in and of itself.

Before you plant flowers and other growing plants in the bamboo garden, you must consider the reasons for planting bamboo. Are you worried about your privacy in your backyard? Your neighbors may be able to see everything you do in your yard and you do not want to place large trees to block out their view. You may consider placing a series of bamboo plants growing in areas where you want privacy.

Bamboo can grow rather tall, so you can place some along the fence, to cover an area above the fence line. Keeping your bamboo plants under control, will let you grow them where you want them to grow.

Keeping A Distance Between A Bamboo Garden And A Vegetable Garden

Treat your bamboo like trees. If you want to place a vegetable garden, place your growing vegetable plants far away from trees or bamboo. As a suggestion, depending on the size of your backyard, place your vegetable garden in an area that will not be affected by shadow or roots from bamboo or trees.

To ensure there is no problem, you may look at placing the vegetable garden in the backyard and your bamboo garden in the front yard.

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