Architecture Interior Design With Strong Lines And Simplified Colors

At one time, these two realms of interior design services were separate. One, the professional architect mathematically scribbled down precise diagrams, calculated possibilities using rudimentary tools and found the building materials to make it happen.

Two, the professional interior designer picked out drapery, carpeting, paint shades and rearranged furniture. However, Manhattan’s Metropolitan Museum fused the two and created the architecture interior design amalgamation back in 1929, which lives on in 2009. Today’s interior designer is skilled in all areas, from bathroom design and lighting fixtures to architecture and modern designs.

Award-winning interior design company Fougeron Architecture understands Russell Versaci’s ideas about architecture interior design perfectly. In San Francisco, he renovated a dark warehouse office complex into a light, breezy, modern office building.

To keep with the existing neighborhood, he added a glass penthouse, used high-quality building materials and built up vertically. Although, unlike his neighbors, he did so by blending private and public space by using see-through dividers, by creating a communal rooftop environment and by building around natural light. The jury felt this upgrade was one of the best contemporary designs they had seen.

A lot of the modern designs for architecture interior design are extremely minimalist. They use strong lines and simplified colors; primarily stark white and stainless steel. Lighting is often hanging and bleak. All items are carefully stowed away in nondescript storage bins imperceptible to the naked eye.

Furniture is amorphous and multi-functional, often bending, twisting and reattaching into different shapes. Large windows and cityscape “looking” rooms devoid of all furniture are in-style right now. While it may be austere to some, others find it clean and refreshing.

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