Aquarium Tank With A Living Red Lobster

Scavengers, such as the red lobster, also known as an Australian lobster claw crayfish, plays a very big role in creating a balanced ecosystem. They eat waste before it is broken down by bacteria. That helps control nutrients and algae that might otherwise become a problem.

Instead of removing this debris yourself, costing you time, energy and resources, you can employ a live lobster to do the work for you. Lobsters are extremely efficient scavengers that can bring interesting behavior and variety to your freshwater aquarium or pond.

Common throughout the waterways of North America, a red lobster is fairly small, only reaching around 5 inches long. It takes only a few inches of substrate for burrowing under in a partially frozen pond for these hardy creatures to survive in the outdoors. To find a lobster to purchase, you won’t need to go to a seafood market or fish market. They are sold at pet stores.

If you plan to keep more than one lobster, then you must provide adequate room, since they are instinctively territorial. Generally, 20 gallons of water per live lobster is sufficient.

A red lobster will also prey upon small, slow fish they are able to catch. Fortunately, koi and goldfish are typically larger than a lobster and do not fit this description. However, exercise caution if you plan to breed koi within your pond. You should move newly hatched fry to a separate rearing system to keep them from being eaten.

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