The Advantages of Using Liquid Lawn Fertilizer


This is a type of liquid that is concentrated with nutrients that work to create a healthy lawn. While fertilizers that are granular based are the most commonly used, liquid based systems are now starting to gain quickly in popularity. In order to have a healthy lawn, many nutrients must be present. Nourishment increases the overall immunity of the grass and plants that are part of your lawn. In turn, these living elements are able to effectively fight against diseases that can result in plant death. Additionally, if nourishment is present, the grass and plants in the lawn will grow rapidly and have a healthier appearance. In this lawn care guide, you will be introduced to the advantages of using liquid lawn fertilizer.


When using a liquid lawn fertilizer, the application is achieved by simply spraying the product over the lawn as well as any plant life in the lawn. Unlike standard granular fertilizers, this application method is beneficial in that it allows you to evenly distribute the fertilizer. When you purchase liquid lawn fertilizer, you will discover that there are two basic forms. The first is referred to as “Ready to Use”, and the second is referred to as “Water Soluble”. Most come in a container that can be attached directly to any type of garden hose.


As mentioned previously, there are many advantages to incorporating the use of a liquid lawn fertilizer on your lawn. The first advantage has already been mentioned – the fact that liquid fertilizer can be distributed in an even manner on the lawn as well as the plants that are part of the lawn. It is simply too challenging to achieve this with standard granular based lawn fertilizers. The next advantage has also been mentioned, though it was not initially listed as an advantage. That is, the fertilizer comes in containers that can be easily attached to any type of house in order to optimize coverage.

Most lawn fertilizers contain pesticides so that certain creatures are unable to enter the lawn and destroy the grass and plants. Furthermore, pests have been known to affect the chemical balance of the soil. If you use a liquid lawn fertilizer, you will find that pesticides are contained within the mix. However, unlike granular pesticides, these do not damage the living plants and grass on your property. Many homeowners find this to be a huge advantage. The reason that the chemicals in liquid lawn fertilizer are not so harsh is due to the fact that there is a lower amount of nitrogen contained in the product. Granular fertilizers often have an extremely high nitrogen content.

If you have used granular fertilizers on your lawn, you probably observed the fact that it took forever to see results. If you elect to use liquid lawn fertilizer, you will discover that the results are nearly instantaneous. This is because the concentrated liquid is able to quickly reach the roots and the leaves of plants contained within the lawn much faster than granules that often require frequent watering and rain in order to work effectively. As you can see, there are many advantages when it comes to implementing the use of liquid lawn fertilizer – especially when you compare it to granular lawn fertilizer.


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