9 Important Steps To Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal!

9 Important Steps To Improve Your Homes Curb Appeal!

Your house’s curb appeal is essential. Most of the times this is the very first impression people have of your home. And we very well know how vital that first impression is! Who hasn’t driven by a beautiful looking house and got enchanted by its breath-taking beauty?! At this time, most of us consider even the interior being equally graceful and attractive just as the exterior (whether that is true or not!). But are you thinking enough of your exterior and its appeal? Are you really serious about giving it a desired finishing touch to make it look more amazing? Going for improving your curb appeal would definitely ensure that your home gives a great first impression to viewers.

Whether your home is old enough and the previous exterior decoration is giving away or it’s a new but plainly built home, some décor to the exterior is always welcome. These touches not only glow up your exterior and make your home look almost new again, but are also very useful. The idea is just to get them all neatly done and also taking experts help and advices when needed.

 Creative steps to beautify and improve the curb appeal of your home! 

Whether you want to add colour, fix that area that’s neglected, or you just want ideas to make the outside of your home look more appealing, here are perhaps 1000 different ways in which you can improve your home’s curb appeal. All these differ in some way or another — either in budget, time needed, aesthetics, functionality and even finishes. If you are searching for such great ways to enhance your curb appeal, than keep reading! 

  • Redo your front door — Whether you believe it or not, your front door forms a vital part of your home’s exterior appeal. If it’s old and worn out and rusted, you can simply repair and get it fixed. Just a new polish or stain or paint on it, and it’ll shine like a new one! Add some light to highlight the door, a cute knocker, place a plant in a corner, a welcoming doormat – and voila! your home shall look very warm and inviting. 
  • Add vibrant lights— Lights always add warmth and cheer. You can create some DIY decorative lights out of waste bottles or use LED lights for the same. Even a trail of fairy lights bordering your doorway or around the porch would look fabulous – even round the year.
  • Trendy and useful window boxes — Mini boxes of wood under your window can do a lot for your curb appeal. You can plant flowers in a riot of colours, and it would instantly add a charm to your windows and home. If you are serious about planting saplings in it, herbs plants in it would look good and be useful too. 
  • Just paint your exterior— If you are too obsessed about sprucing up your curb appeal, fresh and beautiful coat of paint on its exterior would mark an amazing change. If possible choose contrasting colours for your exterior wall and roof. For attractive roof painting in Auckland contact Total Paint. They do the perfect beautifying work on your home exterior and make it look impressive and captivating for years to come.
  • Create a walkway —Do you have a smooth walkway towards your home from your gate? And if you do, is it in good condition? If not, you can simply create a new stone walkway with greenery on both its sides. This would enhance the beauty of the home giving it a natural cottage like feel.
  • Door handles and hardware — Just replacing your handles and hardware around your door can change your exterior’s look a lot. Get some new trendy handles and shining hinges, and give a clean dazzle to all the metal on and around the door. 
  • Glorify your name plate —What’s the purpose of turning everything else beautiful when your own name shines tattered? You can create a new nameplate in trendy fonts and colours, you may even customise to personalise, and put up on your door to add an adorable touch to it. 
  • Replace your mailbox —Do you still have that old wooden half tilted mailbox on your front door? Won’t it look tacky and dull against the irresistible new curb appeal of your home? Replace it with a new box and use your creativity to decorate it as nicely as you like. 
  • Wash your outdoor— You can even give your home’s curb appeal a pleasant look by cleaning it thoroughly. Just pressure wash the entire exterior and see it dazzling in the sunshine. 

You can even add a touch of glamour to your home by adding new garden seats, redo your lawn, paint your garage doors, add new patio furniture and much more — whatever your mind desires, and pocket and creativity permit!

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