5 Top Gardening Tips To A Greener Garden

Here’s a collection of tips about how to make the most of your garden;

1. Start a gardening diary. Using a large format diary, or even an A4 pad, will enable you to keep notes about your successes and failures as well as allowing you the space to jot down a few ideas as and when they come to mind. Over time you will find that your diary has developed into an incredibly useful resource and a gold mine of ideas, hints and tips, with every single one applicable to you and your garden.

2. Consider the environment. Your garden should, at all times, be working with nature rather than against it. Consider replacing your chemical fertilizer with something organic such as blood or bone meal. These substances help to improve your plants while improving the soil and not harming any important creatures. A garden that is treated with natural fertilizers is more able to survive times of drought. A further advantage is that many organic products are slow release so there is no need to feed your garden every two weeks.

3. Start a compost heap. It is amazing how few people keep a compost heap and you will be amazed at how quickly your kitchen waste is turned into a rich compost that will work to improve your soil.

4. Consider water conservation. Everyone knows that without water a garden will not survive but did you know that tap water can actually harm many plants, especially if you live in a hard water area? Start collecting rainwater. Instead of just having one water butt use two or more and link them together with a short piece of hose so that water from one flows to the others. Your plants will thrive much, much better on rainwater.

5. Use an automatic watering system. While many people think an automatic watering system is an unnecessary waste of money there are cheap alternatives. I use a porous hose which runs through my garden. I have it resting on the surface of the soil and it is covered in mulch to retain moisture and reduce evaporation while it is in use. I have this hose running to the bottom of my water butts and attached to a tap. To water my garden with pure rainwater all I need do it turn the tap. There really is no need for the high pressure from a tap, let the laws of nature do the work for you.

The above tips should help you to have a greener attitude to life both in relation to caring for the planet and a lush green and colorful garden. I will add more tips when I find the time.

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