10 Benefits Of Led Landscape Lighting Versus Traditional Bulbs

10 Benefits Of Led Landscape Lighting Versus Traditional Bulbs

Residential LED lighting is a cost-effective, sustainable and more efficient alternative to incandescent or halogen bulbs. Although traditional bulbs are more expensive in the short-term, outdoor LED lighting will provide many benefits over the long-term. Low voltage LED landscape lighting uses less energy. It uses a lot less electricity than traditional halogen or incandescent lighting.

LED lighting is more affordable. LEDs are less energy-intensive and therefore more affordable. Switching to LED lighting could bring down your monthly electric bill from $100 to $20. LED lighting is safer. An LED bulb produces 95% of its energy as light, and 55% is lost to heat. This ratio helps LEDs stay cool and prevents them from becoming too hot. You will need less maintenance. LED lights are 2-10 times more durable than comparable lighting technologies. The LED bulb’s lifespan can last up to 10x longer than traditional bulbs.

Low voltage LED lighting is a high-quality light source that produces a variety of different characteristics. Landscape lighting with LEDs produces a natural color and renders much more naturally. While color temperature is more personal preference, LEDs can be used in a wider variety of settings. The objective nature of color rendering is more important, with values higher than 90 considered excellent. LEDs can be used to lighten your landscape. Because they don’t contain toxic elements like mercury and don’t require special recycling instructions, LEDs are an eco-friendly choice for landscape lighting. Interchangeable optics are now available for low voltage LED lighting. You can adjust the beam angle (switch outdoor lighting from spot-to-flood or vice versa) as well as the light intensity (numbers of lumens) with a dimmer.

LED landscape lights have a higher level of durability. LEDs don’t have to be encapsulated in glass, and they don’t use neon gas or filament. This makes them more durable. LEDs can withstand shock, constant vibration, and major temperature fluctuations much better than traditional bulbs. Fewer outdoor pests. Because LED lighting doesn’t emit UV light, summer insects that are accustomed to halogen bulbs’ UV light are not as attracted by it. Switch to LEDs if you prefer less buzzing and swatting. Premium LED lighting fixtures are available in bronze, copper, and brass finishes. They last longer than traditional powder-coated aluminum and are more durable.

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You now have a better understanding of the advantages of LED landscape lighting. We can also offer some lighting tips and a complimentary onsite consultation.


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